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See them in There Gallery; Take a howl off and look at the power of the doggies.




Supper Bell The Wolf

A Large wolf, leanly built and very muscular, he has a high metabolism and is much less often caught to fat to move. His fur is light grey and thick in places. He has quiet large paws for a wolf his size and his muzzle is a little on the stubby side. His tail is fairly short but quiet bushy, (supperbell is 16 feet tall on average.)

Vlad the Hyena

Vlad is one of the nicest macros you will find, after a few brief moments of doing classical macro damage he has become reformed.  Vlad is on the small side and a bit pudgy with a love of suger and not the best workout schedual. Even like this he can be a scrapper, he has learned a little boxing but has become loath to use it. His personality is accomodating and is willing to do nearly anything to appease those who come to visit (He would rather give himself up then let his followers get eaten... of course without him there is very little they can do to enforce it. Surprisnly he has earned the freindship of Leo through his genial personality and the huge lion does his best not to eat vlad to often.... Watch out for his alterego, a Hyde like form called Pilliage.

Vlads domain is small but highly populated, cities are common and well maintained, his worshipers love him dearly as he them, He does whatever he can to help and only eats ones who have been convicted of a capital crime, and ask for him to provide their death sentance. Vlad's Gentle nature makes his flock grow at a massive rate, only the fact that he is frequently preyed upon by others limits it's growth


Skillet the Hyena Taur

A chubby hyena, she Changes between gender, including both, mood swings are the result. Shi has a leaning toward the feminine side and has become a bit sensitive about being teased. She loves to eat and play and can be quiet a nice fur if befreinded appropiatly